Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ask the Internet: Do You Return Bad Produce?

“I don't return fruit. Fruit is a gamble. I know that going in.” – Seinfeld

Stepping away from all the Christmas joy for 47 seconds, I have a fruit and veggie question. Here it is, in fine Ask the Internet fashion:

Q: I buy bananas every week. Recently, I got a bad bunch. You couldn’t tell from the outside they were rotten, but once peeled, there was a line of black goo running down each piece of fruit. The whole bunch cost me less than $1.50, so it got chucked. Should I have returned it instead, or is that taking frugality a step too far? This isn’t the first time my local supermarket has sold less-than-spectacular produce, but I don’t want to be regarded as cheap.

A: Do you guys agree? Do you return bad produce? If so, what’s your limit? How do you feel about it?

FYI, if it was a meat, dairy, frozen, canned, or boxed product, I would probably have taken it back without hesitation. (See: If for nothing else than I don’t want other people to get poisoned.) But fruit and vegetables seem to be a special WYSIWYG case. Color me confused, but please – fire away in the comment section.

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