Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ask the Internet: Light Super Bowl Snack Ideas?

You guys! Apparently, there’s some kind of sports game coming up? With men wearing helmets? And a ball that is also a foot? Hm. Perhaps I’ve been misinformed. But I’m also told that watching this game necessitates some inspired gorging. Subsequently, today’s question is a two-parter:

Q1: What is your favorite light Super Bowl snack?

Q2: Which traditional Super Bowl snack (pizza, wings, dip, etc.) would you most like to see lightened up?

Q1: A few years ago, I made a Seven-Layer Taco Dip that I have not yet stopped eating. I would spread it on toast and take it on an island getaway.

Q2: Artichoke dip, hands down. I’m trying the Cooking Light version for next week’s Serious Eats column. We’ll see what happens.

Readers, how about you? The comment section is ready for some footBALLLLLL. (Also, comments.)

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