Friday, February 26, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 2/19/10 – 2/25/10

Brooklyn is in the smack middle of Snowpocalypse ’10, and I sound like Kathleen Turner if she swallowed Stevie Nicks. (If someone knows a good sinus extraction method, call me at 1-800-BAD-FACE.) But neither sleet, nor snow, nor the infection of a thousand cranial cavities can stop us from bringing you … the links!

1) Serious Eats: Do Drinks and Food Taste Better When They’re More Expensive?
Good question! If you pay more for a meal, do you like it better because you need to feel you’re getting your money’s worth? Most SE commenters say no, but a recent wine experiment proves otherwise.

2) Huffington Post: The Week of Eating In
In conjunction with Cathy Erway (of Not Eating Out in New York fame), HuffPo is sponsoring a weeklong challenge to eat at home for every single meal. There are a bunch of related articles, including this excellent piece by Erway herself. It’s already halfway over, but it’s never too late to join!

3) Consumerist: Is it Okay to Switch Out Eggs at the Supermarket?
I never knew swapping bad eggs was a controversy. Folks, is this poor form? I freely admit I’ve done it, and no one ever shot me with a supermarket taser. Well, for switching eggs, anyway.

4) New York Times: Another Cable Helping for Food Lovers
Ladies and gentlemen, coming to your cable boxes on May 31st, 2010, it’s THE COOKING CHANNEL! Think of this Food Network spinoff like ESPN 2 or VH1 Soul: it’s more of the same, except with occasional appearances by Sade.

5) The Kitchn: How to Learn Basic Knife Skills – the Video
Proper knife technique is the most important kitchen skill you can possess. Cooking becomes about a billion times easier when you can dice an onion in 30 seconds instead of five minutes. Not to mention, there’s less bloodshed, too. Watching this video is a good first step.

6) Bon Appetit: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Grocery Shoppers
Some out-of-the-box supermarket strategies here, including “Buy fragile items last” and “Make a list of what you already have.” The latter seems time consuming, but I understand the benefit.

7) Serious Eats: Anthony Bourdain as Dr. Tony on Yo Gabba Gabba!
My friends’ little boy is a huge fan of YGG, which rivals Twin Peaks in its unadulterated trippiness. It comforts me he’ll know who Tony Bourdain is, much like Vincent the Vegetable Vampire on Electric Company introduced me to the wide world of Morgan Freeman.

8) Slashfood: Fast Food Breakfast Declines as Unemployment Rises
As both an unemployed person and a veteran of the McDonald’s morning shift, this alarms me more than it should, probably. In my experience, senior citizens keep fast food breakfasts going. But there’re only so many discount coffees a place can sell before it sinks into the red. Save the McMuffin!

9) Lifehacker: How to Cook Something in the Dishwasher
Fuh real? Fuh real. Mmm … Palmolive Chicken.

10) Yelp: Where in NYC Can You Get Full for $2?
New Yorkers, take heed! Maybe not today, though. You’re better off with that Eat at Home thing.


Stephen Colbert at the Olympic International Houses
Serious Eats posted this yesterday, but it needs to be shared. Colbert’s round of Fondue Pong at the Swiss House is classic. “You think I’m afraid of your boiling cheese? In America, we use that to fry OTHER CHEESE.”

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Olympic International Houses
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