Friday, July 23, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 7/16/10 – 7/22/10

We’re coming to the home stretch of No-Cook Month, sweet readers. Just two more dishes and a giant recipe rundown (coming Wednesday) to go. But first, before we get there, we must experience THE LINKS.

1) Casual Kitchen: Don't Pay Up For That Cookbook! How to Spend Next to Nothing on a Great Recipe Collection
Fabulous post about saving big dough on recipe tomes. Between libraries, the interwebs, and your pals, there’s almost no need to buy cookbooks at all. (Except for Cook’s Illustrated books. We must always support Chris Kimball. We MUST.)

2) Salon: My new grandmother's cooking changed me forever
This is the second piece from Riddhi Shah we’ve linked to in the last few weeks, because she’s just a wonderful writer. This essay, about discovering her grandmother-in-law’s culture and traditional cuisine after some regionally-induced apprehension, is gorgeous. Please read.

3) Good Eater: Are Large-Scale Grass-Fed Beef Operations Feasible?
The answer: a surprising “yes.” The La Cense Ranch in Montana raises several thousand cows humanely, making CAFOs seems less necessary than ever.

4) Huffington Post: “Urban Homesteading”? That’ll Cost You
This account of one woman’s quest for jam jars illustrates a very important point for potential canners and aspiring jammers: start-up costs are nothing to laugh at. While you may be tempted by the plethora of beautiful, pro-homesteading blog posts, home food preservation is not an easy venture. Over time, it works out, but make sure you’re in for the long haul, or suffer the (expensive) consequences.

5) Culinate: An update on genetically engineered meat and fish
I realize genetic engineering might be impossible to escape, especially with Earth’s population growing exponentially, and food requirements increasing commensurately. But man, it makes me uncomfortable. The FDA hasn’t approved any GE animals yet, so maybe these worries are premature, but this state-of-the-industry piece makes it seem like they’re getting ever closer.

6) Eater: The Ultimate Mad Men Guide to NYC Bars and Restaurants
Draper/Holloway fans, you gotta see this. Just in time for Sunday’s Season 4 premiere, Eater created this sweet map of pubs, lounges, and various steakhouses frequented by the Sterling Cooper crew. Many don’t exist anymore, but it’s super neat to imagine the bygone era of Peggys, Rogers, and … okay, Petes.

7) Slate: 10 Tips To Reduce Your Food Waste
Sweet reader-sourced roundup of tips, guaranteed to keep your greens from wilting for just a few days longer. More suggestions in the comment thread.

8) The Kitchn: Help Me Find Healthy, Balanced Meals That Freeze Well?
If you guess what this post is about, I’ll give you ten dollars. What? What’s that you say? It’s about “balanced meals that freeze well”? Dang. What tipped it off? Oh. The title. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go take out a loan.

9) Serious Eats: How to Handle Eggplant Overload
With eggplant season upon us, you may be wondering how to handle the glorious purple bounty. Carolyn Cope has answers. Quick! Take care of it before the zucchini gets here!

10) Huffington Post: Food Magazines and Periodicals
Good summary of available foodie mags, slightly compromised by the ultra-irritating slideshow presentation. Yarg! I hate those things. (Also: mayonnaise, e-mail forwards, and FOX NY news anchor Rosanna Scotto.)


Brooklyn Paper: ‘Whole’ lotta indecision! Clean-up done, but Whole Foods isn’t sure about Gowanus site
This is my neighborhood! It has to be “decontaminated” before a grocery store moves in! Um … represent?

The Epi-Log: What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Fruit Flies?
Massive comment thread filled with suggestions. A bowl of beer works for us. They sip, they drown. Not unlike me on Super Bowl Sunday. (I'm here all week, folks. Don't forget to tip your waiter.)

Food Politics: Kellogg’s drops health claims from cereal boxes (sort of)
When is a trumped-up ingredient (40% of your daily fiber!) also an implied health claim? Marion Nestle explores.

Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Wild Plums Everywhere and Nowhere
It’s plum season! YAY! And there are such things as cherry plums? DOUBLE YAY!

The Kitchn: 10 Nerdy Kitchen Finds in Honor of Comic Con
The Empire Strikes Back space slug oven mitt is mah favorite.

Lamebook: Gouda God!
Cheese puns. They are the stuff of life.

Lifehacker: The Five-Second Rule Could Actually Apply, But Mostly Outdoors
It’s better to drop food outside than inside, as dirt germs on your food are better than chemical residue. Makes sense.

The Motherload: Freezing Blueberries in 3 Easy Steps
They forgot Step #0.5! (Do not eat all the blueberries first.)


Gizmodo: Darth Vader Robbed a Bank
Only he could be so bold.

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