Friday, March 11, 2011

Top Ten Links of the Week: 3/4/11 - 3/10/11

Many thoughts and well-wishes going out to Japan today. To my knowledge, the Red Cross is not taking donations yet (11am EST), but are staying abreast of the situation. Check their updates here.

And with that, the links.

1) The Awl: How to Split a Check at a Restaurant
This one was all over the interwebs this week, since writer Neel Shah offered up somewhat controversial advice on footing a dining bill. He says if you’re under 25, you pay for what you ate. If you’re over 25, you split the check equally. Naturally, this isn’t fair to non-drinkers, but there’s an alluring simplicity to having everyone cough up the same amount of dough. Opinions?

2) Food Politics: The perils of food nutrition and resesarch
Marion Nestle explains how she discerns good food research from bad food research, and maybe, how we should, too. She mentions three criteria: biological plausibility, factoring for other influences, and the study’s sponsor.

Wiki Commons my100cans
3) USA Today: Is it healthy to drink diet soft drinks? The answer is fizzy.
That study Nestle was specifically referring to? Is this one. There's an observational link between diet soda and an increase in risk for strokes and heart attacks. Is it genuine? I'm not sure, but will tell you after I finish this lovely Diet Pepsi.

4) New York Times: Creamy, Brothy, Earthy, Hearty
Mark Bittman gives up 12 vegetable soup recipes, that honestly, you can extrapolate into an infinite number of slightly different dishes with the mere addition or subtraction of a few select ingredients. Also, I wonder if he based the title on The Who’s Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy album. Also, derf.

5) Get Rich Slowly: The GRS Garden Project – February 2011
JD and his wife Kris are starting their yearly garden project up again. If you ever wanted to see how lucrative growing your own produce can be, both in a fiduciary and flava sense, this monthly series is a must-read

6) Walletpop: Top 10 Fruits With the Most Nutritional Bang for Your Buck
It’s a quick list, but as those things go, it’s a good one.

7) stonesoup: 3 uber-simple lunches you can make at work in less time than it takes to go out and buy something
Think you don’t have time to cook yourself a delicious meal? Not so fast, bucko.

8) Money Saving Mom: What do you do when you don’t feel like being frugal anymore?
Short, to-the-point three-step post about what to do when you feel like taking a break. Great advice within.

9) New York Times: In New Food Culture, a Young Generation of Farmers Emerges
(And they’re all really, really hot.) Agriculture is the new culture, period, as many independent croppers are youths in their ‘20s and ‘30s. The downside: money. As in, there ain’t none.

10) Village Voice: Is it Okay to Eat My Stinky Food in the Office?
Ack. No! Okay, maybe. But it depends on the stink. Don’t go cracking open a durian by my desk, or I will staple you to a manila folder.


Consumerist: Grow Your Own Everlasting Salad
Gardening tips, great title.

New York Magazine: Best of Food Issue
And the winner is: all of us.

Time Magazine: A Food Fight in the Budget Debate
More on the budget cuts, and how they could affect federal food departments.


Paula Deen Riding Things
Scratch that. The winner is the internet. If you haven't seen this site yet ... Paula herself approves.

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