Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ask the Internet: Eating During a Move?

Today’s question comes from Holly, who is soon moving to the greatest city in the world. (Besides NYC, of course.) (If I don't say that, they throw me out of the state.):

Q: So, I will be getting in the car in a few weeks to move from Boston to Seattle. I'm thrilled at all of the people and places I will get to visit along the way for a 1-2 week roadtrip. My cat will be considerably less thrilled, but she'll live.

The dilemma that I'm facing is that I'm poor as a church mouse already, and the added expenses of moving make eating good healthy food along the way pretty tough. Add to that, who knows how many weeks I'll be in Seattle before my belongings arrive, so I can't even cook up something tasty when I arrive!

I'm desperate to not be eating fast food/takeout/pizza for a month or longer! Please help!

A: Thanks for writing, Holly! Alas, since most of my moves have only been between neighborhoods, I don’t have much experience with extended on-the-road/where-are-all-my-things eating.

Howevs, raw fruits, veggies, and dips seem like good places to start. I might invest in a huge bag of granola or whole-wheat bagels for breakfasts – or really, any fairly good-for-you food that doesn’t involve cooking (for which you don’t have any/many implements.)

I mightn’t dismiss takeout entirely, either. Sometimes, a big ol’ order of Chinese food can give you leftovers for several days. (Steamed for the health benefits, of course.)

Readers, how about you? How did you survive after a big move? What saved you cash and kept you nutritionally balanced? What are your favorite no-kitchen-equipment-needed foods? The comment section, she is open.

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