Friday, May 14, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 5/7/10 – 5/13/10

Sorry for the delay today, folks. I was wrestling with a giant schnauzer. (Note: she won.) Without further ado...

1) Food Politics: White House Task Force on Obesity Reports in
I like to think the WHTAO is a top secret gang of data-obsessed ninjas, counting statistics with an abacus and distributing surveys via Chinese throwing star. Oh, also this post is very interesting. (Solution-based government! How novel.)

2) Evil Mad Scientist: How to Kick Ass and Take Names in the Spice Aisle
If those very same ninjas had an organizing system for their spices, this is what it would look like.

3) Live Cheap: 5 Sneaky Ways Grocery Stores Take You For More Money
My local supermarket does the last one. It drives me nuts. Comparing quarts to liters to ounces for the same essential product is a pain in the ninja.

4) Serious Eats: 10 Secrets for Making the Most of Your CSA
Curiously missing? #11: Get a rabbit. (But seriously, these are good ideas, with a solid comment thread following.)

5) Christie’s Corner: 5 Basic Elements of Salad Dressing
They’re not high fructose corn syrup, faux raspberry flavor, sodium caseinate, hydrogenated soybean oil, and polysorbate 60? The deuce you say! (Thanks to Casual Kitchen for the link.)

6) The Kitchn: 5 Tips for Grocery Savings at Reclaimed Freight Centers
I’d never heard of reclaimed freight centers before reading this, but these TJ Maxxes of the food world seem like wonderful places to save a few bucks. Print this list out and get going.

7) Huffington Post: Good Food Is Not (Only) a Class Issue
Why do we eat cheap, processed food, when we know it’s not good for us? Lee Zukor knows.

8) Eat Me Daily: Why I Quit Cooking - Women in the Kitchen
As it pertains to cooking and cheffery: “Do women have a responsibility to improve the perceived status of their gender through working certain (influential, well-regarded) jobs, or does feminism mean that women have the luscious and heady freedom to pursue whatever career they choose?”

9) Wise Bread: 29 Alternative Pizza Sauce Ideas
Carrot puree? Vegan white sauce? Olive tapenade? What the WHAT? I don’t know, but I want some on my pizza.

10) Eat Humane
Listed at #10 because it’s a whole site versus a single post, this online guide to eating ethically could be your new best friend. Presuming your old best friend was also a webpage, of course.


As Consumer Demand Recovers, Meat Prices are Going Up
Subway's Lawyers Tell Rest Of World To Stop Selling "Footlong" Sandwiches
Link #1: Time for more veggies.
Link #2: What word will be next? “Subway”? “Fresh-baked”? ”Freaky Cheese Triangles”?

Get Rich Slowly: The One-Year Wardrobe Project
JD stuck all his clothes in another room for one year, only taking out what he needed to wear. By year’s end, he had 37 shirts and sweaters left untouched. Really interesting piece about what we own vs. what we actually use. (Photo from Planet Green.)

The Kitchn
What is the Shelf Life of Flavoring Extracts?
What's the Difference? Soba, Udon, and Rice Noodles
Link #1: Vanilla - to infinity and beyond. Everything else - less than that.
Link #2: Good question!

LA Weekly: Top 10 Simpsons Food References
No Tomacco? Aw, that’s okay. Any list that references a Flaming Moe is good by me.

Money Saving Mom: The Depends Dilemma: Why I Buy Items I Won’t Use (Guest Post)
I’ve always wondered about this. The answer: to get faboo deals and donate lots without blowing wads of cash.

Simple Bites: Stocking Your Pantry for Success
Among the better pantry posts I’ve seen, with lots of helpful links.

Slashfood: USDA Updates Standards for Poultry Safety
S’about time! Now the Great Brooklyn Chinese Food Disaster of 2009 may not be repeated. (*lights candle for intestines*)

Surviving and Thriving: Dr. Demento and the desecrated turkey
One turkey for a whole person? You better believe it.

Time Out New York Kids: Feed a Family of Four for $10 a Day
Here’s fun secret about NYC: folks complain about how expensive groceries are, but … they're not. I swear. Especially compared to the rest of the country. We have fewer discount stores, sure, but if you know how to shop, you should be just fine. Debbie Koenig demonstrates.


S**t My Kids Ruined
Are you trying to convince your teenager not to have sex? This should do it. Especially: May 9th (Vaseline, Desitin, and powder), May 7th (permanent marker boy), April 26th (poor fish), March 13th (nice face, turkey), and March 4th. (How do you even draw on a dog?)

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