Friday, August 6, 2010

Top Ten Links of the Week: 7/31/10 – 8/5/10

Today, it's lots of righteous indignation, a little Homer Simpson, and a kitteh who vastly overestimates his jumping skills.

1) Consumerist: This is What You Eat
Neatorama: Average Daily Food Intake of Homer Simpson
Ever wonder what your normal, everyday American eats in a full year? This colorful, easy-to-read graphic breaks it down. Somewhat sadly, we consume almost as much dairy as we do produce. Somewhat happily, we scarf much less floor pie than Homer Simpson.

2) Salon: Why is America So Fixed on Food Fads?
Fantastic exploration of the links between U.S. food fads (Cakeballs! Bahn Mi! Pork belly!) and our “frontier mentality,” a mix of breaking immigrant traditions and embracing scientific developments. Another great piece by Riddhi Shah, who is quickly becoming a favorite around here.

3) Washington Post: Michelle Obama – A Food Bill We Need
MObama argues for the passage of the Child Nutrition Bill, a major step in addressing the obesity problem amongst kids. How can anyone can be opposed to this? (I’m looking at you, Laura Ingraham.) Healthier kids = good thing.

4) stonesoup: The Minimalist Guide to Cooking With Herbs
Ooo! It’s Herbs 101, including a guide to common varieties, substitutes, preparation, and storage. Very handy for rosemary lovers. (And, coincidentally, Rosemary Clooney lovers.)

5) Salon: Does High Fructose Corn Syrup Cause Cancer?
In which Francis Lam argues (with Marion Nestle’s backup) that it’s not necessarily the kinds of sugar we consume, but the quantities in which we consume them. Empty calories are empty calories the world over, it turns out.

6) The Atlantic Food: The Combo Meal Mindset
Lest we forget the restaurant industry is, in fact, a luxury business (so to speak), Hank Cardello reminds us: “[It] cannot be expected to lead the charge to slim down America.”

7) Wall Street Journal: Michael Pollan Explains the Math of Buying $8 Eggs
Yeah, it’s another Pollan interview. But this one’s worth the read! I promise! The Big Man of Berkeley lays out his own eating and shopping habits, highlighting some good buying strategies along the way. Peaches!

8) Chicago Tribune: Grains make gains - Wheat surpasses white in sliced bread sales
Yay! Whole wheat products are great! Right?

9) Consumerist: Whole Grain Wheat Things Are No Healthier Than Regular Ones
Oh, wait. Nope.

10) Daily Mail UK: Junk food starts allergies - Western high-fat diets are blamed for surge in illnesses
Hey! Scientists “found evidence that 'industrialised' Western diets high in red meat, sugar and fat lowered the numbers of healthy bacteria in our guts,” and contributed to the skyrocketing allergy rate among first-world countries. Cue sad trombone.


The Kitchn: 13 Ways to Use Cucumbers
They’re here! They’re on sale! They’re meant for more than salads!

Money Saving Mom: Credit Cards Hurt More Than Just Your Own Personal Finances
I had no idea a small charge cost businesses money to process. Interesting stuff.

Slashfood: Lunch Ladies Go to Summer School
Your kids’ cafeteria food is about to get way better, with pro chefs staging lunch lady boot camps all over the country. Hairnets, unite!

Village Voice: What I Eat - Around the World in 80 Diets
A few years ago, Time Magazine had a fantastic slideshow called What the World Eats, based on a book by the same name. Now, the authors are coming out with another book, called Around the World in 80 Diets, and it looks like it will be just as neato. The Voice piece is a solid summary of the contents therein.


Youtube: Funny Kitten Can’t Jump
Oh no! Also: hee.

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