Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask the Internet: Emergency Lunch?

Sweet readers! I know you’ve been on the edge of your collective seat for the results of last week’s Top 5 Fruits poll. Your wait is over. The winner is...


23 votes: Apple

19 votes: Banana, Blueberry

18 votes: Strawberry

16 votes: Pineapple

13 votes: Peach

12 votes: Cherry, Mango

11 votes: Raspberry

10 votes: Watermelon

8 votes: Grapes

7 votes: Blackberry

6 votes: Orange, Pear

5 votes: Cantaloupe, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Nectarine

4 votes: Clementine

3 votes: Cranberry, Honeydew, Lemon, Lime, Pomegranate

2 votes: Apricot, Black Raspberry, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Plum, Pluot

1 vote: Acai, Asian Pear, Chirimoya, Date, Green Coconut, Guanabana, Guava, Lychee, Mangosteen, Medlar, Pacay, Persimmon, Pitanga, Plantain, Raisin, Rhubarb, Tangerine,

It was an agonizing decision for most of you, and I feel your torment. My favorite fruit, grapefruit, didn’t fair so well, but that’s okay. Come winter, I'll be in heavenly grapefruit bliss. Onto this week’s Ask the Internet query.

Picture this: You’ve just returned from vacation to an empty fridge and messy house when you get the call to start that 10-hour/day freelance job you’ve been hoping for. At the same time, you’re taking over the editorial responsibilities of the most delightful food blog in the whole wide web. (Or fill in your own madcap scheduling scenario.)

Q: What do you throw together for a healthy, quick, last-minute lunch that does not involve peanut butter and jelly for 5 days straight?

A: Yes, it’s been a little hectic around CHG headquarters in Kris’ absence. There have been several days in which I succumbed to the evils of Midtown Lunch—$8 salads and $10 sandwiches. But, I’ve culled a few new tricks, including cooking beans in the crock pot and quinoa in the office microwave. Results forthcoming!

Readers, what about you? How do you handle bagged lunch in a pinch?

Want to ask the interweb a question? Post one in the comment section, or write to Cheaphealthygood@gmail.com. Then, tune in next Tuesday for an answer/several answers from the good people of the World Wide Net.

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