Friday, September 24, 2010

Top Ten Links of the Week: 9/17/10 - 9/23/10

1) BBC: UN Holds Key Meeting on Food Prices
Today in Rome, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is gathering, “sparked by global fears about high food prices.” Among their concerns: the Russian export ban due to recent drought, riots in Mozambique over high grain prices, and the continually rising price of grain-currently at a two-year high.

2) Food Politics: A Decent Food Safety System: Will we ever get one?
Marion Nestle explains how politics shapes and hinders U.S. food policy, and wonders if we will ever get it right.

3) MOMA: Counter Space: Design + the Modern Kitchen
A new exhibit at New York City’s Museum of Modern Art explores how the kitchen influences politics, design, pop culture and vice versa. The images curated here are captivating, even on the website. I can’t wait to see them in person.

4) Jezebel: Why Should Home Cooking Be Women’s Work?
Jezebel takes a reasoned and level pick axe to the arguments in a piece that calls for a return to “feminine cookery.” In the Daily Mail op-ed, writer Rose Prince blames feminism for obesity, fast food, and Gordon Ramsey. Hey, now that’s going one step too far.

5) NYT: Our Towns — Fresh Vegetables Where Fast Food Reigns
A low-income Long Island community embraces its new farmers’ market, made possible by by local revitalization and sustainable agriculture groups. “‘There seems to be this perception that low-income communities don’t have the same needs and interests when it comes to food, and we do,’ said Clara Gillens-Eromosele, one of the leaders of the Roosevelt revitalization group. ‘We’re not looking to have more fast food in our community. We’re looking to educate people about alternatives.’”

6) Boing Boing: Four Reasons Why High Fructose Corn Syrup Is Probably Not the Devil
Balanced take on why HFCS is no reason for dietary panic. But the over consumption of sweeteners could, in fact, be...Satan.

7) FDA Won’t Require GM Label on Salmon
Salmon: the new mystery meat.

8) Slate: How Can the FDA Tell Whether GMO Fish Are Safe?
It’s all just fish parts, right?

9) Serious Eats: A Preliminary Canned Tomato Taste Test
Bloggers from Serious Eats’ pizza-focused sister Slice tasted a bunch of tomatoes, ranging in price from $0.99 to $12.39, and rated them in categories, like sweetness, acidity, texture, and color. The results: spendy does not equal a good tomato.

10) BBC: Why Do So Many People Like Toast?
A study by Cardiff University found that when we smell the chemicals released as the sugars in the bread caramelize, our memories of childhood are triggered. Nutshell: toast reminds us of home.

HuffPo: 6 Biggest Food Myths, Busted
From eggs to microwaves, Eating Well’s Joyce Hendley challenges some of the conventional wisdom about food and cooking.

How Stuff Works: 10 Most Common Fast Food Ingredients
This list of the most ubiquitous fast food components contains many of the usual suspects (sodium and HFCS) and a few rogue entries I did not expect.

Gothamist: Sandwich Shop Turns Health Dept. “B” Lemon into Lemongrade
It’s all in how you spin it!

Slashfood: World Record Mac’N’Cheese
I’m bringing the world’s biggest spoon!

The Kitchn: 6 Ways to Tidy Your Pantry in 10 Minutes
Another awesome list of tips from the The Kitchn.

Craftzine: Maker Faire CRAFT Demo Profile: Tugboat Printshop

If you’re a DIY geek in the New York City area this weekend, you must check out the World Maker Faire, hosted by Make Magazine at the New York Hall of Science in Queens, NY. There will be demos, exhibits, and amazing wonders of the old-school and high-tech to behold.

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