Friday, November 12, 2010

Top 10 Links of the Week: 11/5/10 – 11/11/10

This week, the links deal primarily with the art of food marketing. Oh. And Mark Bittman. Jeez. That guy.

1) New York Times: 101 Head Starts on the Day
Minimalist Mark Bittman brainstorms over 100 (hee) make-ahead recipes for the greatest of eating holidays. How does he find the time to do this stuff? Oh, because he makes recipes ahead.

From Wiki Commons
2) MSNBC: Hunt for value has taken stigma off Goodwill, store brands, fast food
Woo hoo! You guys! We’re the cool kids! Let’s celebrate with some discount macaroni.

3) LA Times: The Food-Mood Connection
In which the times busts some myths and explore the relationships between feelings and sugar (not so bad!), coffee (good!), carbs (meh), chocolate (NOOOOO), turkey (false), fish (pick-me-upper!), lunch (um), and water (the king of all foods).

4) NPR: Nudging Grocery Shoppers Toward Healthy Food
Not only is this a neat article about how supermarkets can sell more nutritious foods, but they mention Wegmans, the greatest grocery chain in the history of man, time, and space. Western New York, represent!

5) New York Times: Putting Nutrition at the Head of the School Lunch Line
Want better lunches for your kids? Get involved. Here’s how.

6) Time: Study: Fast-Food Ads Target Kids with Unhealthy Food, and It Works
Two important points in this article: "’[Going to a fast food restaurant] is no longer a special event,’” and “The end goal of fast-food marketing is to improve brand affinity starting at an early age.” Together, they suggest to me that the earlier advertisers reach us, the more likely it is that their product becomes habitually ingrained. Marion Nestle has more.

7) Obama Foodorama: Under Attack – First Lady Michelle Obama and the Healthy Food Financing Initiative
It’s one thing to attack poor policy. It’s quite another to attack good policy because it was proposed by someone you dislike. This is opposition for the sake of opposition alone, and it stinks.

From Wiki Commons
8) Food Politics: Nutrition Labeling of Wine, Beer, and Spirits – A Regulatory Morass
Ever wonder, when you’re alone at the bar crooning Tom Waits songs and crying about that waitress that left you last Christmas, why there aren’t food labels on booze? Marion Nestle edumacates us, and it has loads to do with prohibition. Who knew, lonesome piano player?

9) Hunter Angler Gardener Cook: Chanterelles in All Their Forms
Healthy? Maybe. Cheap? If you find ‘em on your own. Good? Aw, heck yeah. What a beautiful post from HAGC.

10) Food Politics: Three reports - eat more fruits and vegetables
Stats! About produce! Use them in your next doctoral thesis.


CNN: Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds
Everything you know is wrong. Except multiplication tables.

New York Times: How to Shoot Ugly Food
I made a sweet potato curry stew for Serious Eats a few weeks ago that, frankly, photographed like orange barf. And that is my story.

The Simple Dollar: Turning Kitchen Waste Into Something Sublime
Don’t throw out that carrot and onion refuse! Make broth instead.


The Oatmeal: Why I Don’t Cook at Home
Yes. This.

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