Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ask the Internet: I Can’t Believe This Food Product Exists

Today, our Ask the Internet question is inspired by sheer astonishment.

Q: Yesterday on Twitter, Mark Bittman linked to an article about, “a novel tobacco product that some critics say too closely resembles Tic Tac breath mints,” made (natch) by Camel. He was justifiably concerned they would addict children.

Tweeter retroklahoma then discovered that CANDY CIGARETTES ARE STILL AROUND. Which … what? How? In America? IN 2010?!?! Ack.

So, I was wondering: what food’s very existence shocks you the most? Why? Is it too old-fashioned? Is it obviously bad for everyone who would consume it? Is it inexplicable using the rules of physics and/or nature?

A: Yeah. Candy cigarettes. Can you believe it? Even in the '80s, we knew that was some damaging badness. Is there a food product that elicits the same reaction from you? The comment section is open, folks.

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