Friday, April 9, 2010

Top Ten Links of the Week: 4/2/10 – 4/8/10

Between M&M scenes, egg tossing, and a restaurant that doesn't want customers, it's a weird collection of links this week. I couldn't be more pleased. Enjoy!

1) Time: Goodbye to the Average American Eater
An increasingly diverse population means U.S. restaurant chains are finding it tougher to target big, vague demographics (Midwestern moms!) with presumably run-of-the-mill tastes (Meatloaf!). Instead, they’re finding diners want more flavor, diversity, and new food experiences. Bring on the chipotle sushi!

2) Consumerist: Spot Fake Online Reviews
Since I use website reviews pretty heavily, to purchase everything from shoes to cookbooks, I found this quick tutorial on recognizing phonies to be an excellent read. Be sure to scan the first few comments for additional red flags, like “multiple reviews with the same text” or “using a product name repeatedly.”

3) Serious Eats: Zaylee Jean, Three-Year-Old Host of the Yippity Yo Cooking Show
Insane, hilarious, and captioned for maximum effect. You gotta stick with her at least through 4:52.

4) The Kitchn
5 Alternatives to the Classic Mimosa
Fresh and Light - 12 Modern Breakfast Casseroles
What Are Some Egg Dishes That Freeze Well?
Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day – Food Science
You Can Sleep In! Tips for Making Brunch Ahead of Time
The Kitchn is doing a big series on breakfast this week. I may have gone overboard with the linkage. But c’mon – mimosas!

5) Rainy-Day Saver: Extreme Frugal Couponing – Do Some People Go Too Far?
You know, at first, I thought the going-too-far question was a little hyperbolic/rabble-rousing. Then I read about the guy who couponed himself into 1,142 gelatin packages and 200 bags of frozen veggies. That’s gonna be some Jello mold.

6) Huffington Post: How Can Paula Deen Sleep at Night?
I’m all for good nutrition, and author Christina Pirello makes some solid points. (After watching 19 straight hours of the Food Network, I can definitively say: yes, they need more vegetables.) But dude, health is about balance, not deprivation. Paula has her place in the world, and it is a delicious one, to be sampled in (very) small doses.

7) Lifehacker: Learn Basic Kitchen Techniques From World Famous Chefs
IMPORTANT: Bourdain bought in some high-profile buddies (Jacques Pepin, Thomas Keller, etc.) to teach cooking skillz.
MORE IMPORTANT: I heard about this episode of No Reservations from my dad before I read about it on the interweb. He’s a tastemaker, I tell ya! Look for sweater vests and shoreline fishing to make the rounds at Fall Fashion Week 2010.

8) Diner’s Journal: On Eating Sustainable Fish
Mark Bittman argues that overhauling our fishing policies will take a lot more institutional shifting than individual education. Greenpeace’s Casson Trenor stops by to support the assertion. (Also, FYI: all the Times’ online food columns have been folded into Diner’s Journal. Update yo bookmarks.)

9) Eat Me Daily: ReadyMade’s 2010 Food Section – ADHD Edition
The craft mag’s first food special is pretty sweet. Eat Me Daily’s commentary (“Make your own trail bars too! For all that energy you're going to expend hauling home that vintage letterpress you found in a barn somewhere.”) is sweeter.

10) Seattle Weekly: Portland Has Food Trucks, Donut Burgers and Now, Cutting Edge Anti-Hipster Technology
Want to keep undesirables (a.k.a. uptight food bloggers, Animal Collective fans, etc.) out of your bar, coffee shop, or enchanting café? One business owner eliminated electrical outlets and purposely made his seating uncomfortable. For real. SW offers additional ideas.


The Atlantic: Breaking Down the Child Nutrition Act
Marion Nestle, FTW. Again.

Consumerist: Cook Bacon in a Machine Gun
Love frugality? Belong to a militia? This is the post for you, Sarge.

Huffington Post: The Cruelty of Industrial Egg-riculture
A.k.a.: Why Big Time Egg Production is Pretty Gross 101.

New York Post: Pizza guy fends off gunman to deliver pies
Even our delivery men are hardcore.

New York Times: Little House in the Hood
Food played a major role in the Little House series. This quick, sweet piece explores Wilder’s tales and pork-based temptations.

The Simple Dollar: Kids, Stuff, and Values
This doesn’t apply to food, necessarily (unless you count Easy Bake ovens and the like), but it’s an interesting read for parents trying to pare down their kids’ material possessions without seeming ungrateful.

Urlesque: M&Ms Famous Awkward Characters
Featuring mah favorite candies; totes worth the 15 seconds.


Frugal Upstate: Festival of Frugality #224
Huzzah! We're in it! Good work, Jenn!

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