Friday, April 23, 2010

Top Ten Links of the Week: 4/16/10 – 4/22/10

Great googly moogly, the links are numerous this week. Meaning there's like, a lot of 'em. Let’s get to it.

1) Jezebel: Can Feminists Wear Aprons?
The recent apron trend (no, seriously) becomes a jumping off point for an honest discussion about cooking and feminism. First and second wavers fought hard to provide work options beyond the home. Many third wavers are finding big-time fulfillment in what's traditionally considered domestic work, like mastering the kitchen. Both, of course, have tremendous value. Maybe feminism's greatest accomplishment is that we have a choice now. (Or we can do both. Why not?)

2) Slate: The Pioneer Woman vs. Thomas Keller
Author Jennifer Reese prepped two fried chicken dinners for her family. The first used recipes from Ree Drummond’s homey Pioneer Woman Cookbook, while the second meal came from Thomas Keller’s upscale Ad Hoc at Home. The verdict: split, leaning towards the cattle rancher. Read on to learn why.

3) Washington Post: Will work for food? Try Food Corps
Starting in 2011, Food Corps (an AmeriCorps program) will seek to place one-year volunteers in schools across America to, “help school food service directors source local food for cafeterias as well as develop healthful-eating curricula that might include school gardens, visits to farms and farmers markets for parents and students.” This … is … genius.

4) The Simple Dollar: Finding Your Own Value Balance at the Grocery Store
This solid posts come down to two key ideas vital to smart food shopping:
-Buy what works for you.
-Do the research when it's important to you.

5) The Kitchn
10 Ways to Eat Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner)
17 Incredible Recipes for the Slow Cooker
Some of Our Favorite Kitchens From Small Cool 2010
Weeknight Dinners – What Throws You Off Your Game?
Another week, another glowing lineup of informative, pretty posts from The Kitchn. The Small, Cool Contest is a highlight.

6) Culinate: Family Food Preferences
On meal planning for a picky family with various intolerances and leanings (gluten-free, lactose intolerant, vegetarian, etc.). Yowza. Tips included, thank goodness.

7) ABC News: School Lunches Pose National Security Threat
Whoa! According to a group of retired military leaders, “Childhood obesity is jeopardizing military recruitment … leaving 27 percent of young adults ‘too fat to fight.’” It’s the “number one reason that young Americans are unfit to enlist.” And they’re blaming school lunches as part of the cause.

8) The Economist: Elmo/Broccoli
In a recent study, given a choice between broccoli and chocolate, 78% of kids went with chocolate. But when researchers slapped an Elmo sticker on the broccoli, the split became an even 50/50. Moral of the story: Must hire Muppet to endorse this blog.

9) Culinate: Locavore basics - Eight budget tips for going local
Neat, quick rundown of the local eating strategies we’ve discussed the last few days. Read it and take notes. With a #2 pencil. Because they’re fun.

10) New York Times: Newcomer to Food Television Tries for a Little Grit
Food Network’s spinoff Cooking Channel is aiming for a hipper feel, increased culinary focus, and more diverse lineup. Will it work? Probably, I think. Will it be less … loud? God, I hope so.


BBC: Jamie Oliver to spend own millions on school meals
The Naked Chef plays it like he lays it. Or something.

Get Rich Slowly
2011 Death and Taxes Poster Now Available
Why I No Longer Track Every Penny I Spend
A pair of good posts from JD. The first, in fine graphic form, will tell you exactly where your taxes go. The second will show you how sweet life can be when you have your own spending under control.

Money Saving Mom: Why it Pays to Watch the Register
I’ve become one of those ladies who speak up when I’m overcharged for food. Don’t hate. Liberate (your wallet).

Natalie Jost: Paint Old Baking Pans for Storage

New York Times: The Tables Turn
Hey! Restaurants are doing okay again. That was a close one.

Serious Eats: How to Sharpen a Knife
FYI, do not do it with your teeth. The sound is horrifying, and people will assume you’re an extra for Deadwood.

The Simple Dollar: Does Re-Washing Ziploc Bags Really Save You Money?
Not really. But it does briefly alleviate my crushing guilt.

Wise Bread: 12 Cheap Pineapple Recipes
I’m including this post because I always buy pineapples, thinking, “Oh, man! There’s so much I want to do with this pineapple!” And then we end up eating half of it raw the day before it goes bad.

Words to Eat By: Back in the (Weight Watchers) Saddle, Again
Debbie’s back on the WW wagon, and I can relate. It’s something that should be emphasized more by weight loss programs: maintenance requires constant vigilance, probs for life.


We made two this week!


Dog Train: A Wild Ride on the Rock and Roll Side
You guys? Though I’m not a mommy blogger (mogger?), can I recommend this CD to all the parents out there? It’s smart, catchy, super fun, and totally un-annoying, as kiddie music tends to be. (Rocks, too.) “Cow Planet” has been stuck in my head for two weeks now, and “Penguin Lament” is downright hilarious. (P.S. It’s toddler-approved! My nephews-to-be freaking love it.)

 [Picture of Jessie Steele apron from Kitchen Critic.]

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